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Meal Portion Guide

There is no one size fits all. However, using the below guidelines you can find a starting point.

It is important to transition your dog to their new diet gradually to avoid any upset stomachs. After the full transition you will notice that your dog will be able to handle a greater variety of treats. Additionally, they will have gained beneficial bacteria that they would otherwise be deficient in with normal kibble. 


Adult Dogs (Greater than 1 year old)

Adult dogs should be fed between 2-3% of their ideal adult body weight daily. Very active dogs and dogs that train or exercise regularly may need 4-6% or more of their ideal adult body weight daily. It just depends on how much energy is burned and thus needs to be replaced.


A: 2-4 Month Old Pups:
8-10% of their current weight  

4-6 Month Old Pups:
6-8% of their current weight  

6-8 Month Old Pups:
4-6% of their current weight  

8-12 Month Old Pups:
3-4% of their current weight  


Example: A 33lb Adult dog would get 1 pack per day. (33  x .03 = 1 lb)

We are happy to help you calculate your dogs needs. Please contact us anytime!

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